Do Chefs Hate Food Blogs?

Mario BataliHere’s an interesting story from ABC News about the impact food blogs are having on top restaurants and restaurateurs in the US. American celeb chef Mario Batali talks about how he despises them, while restaurateur Mauro Maccioni from Manhattan’s famed, and infamous, Le Cirque goes as far as flying a disgruntled blogger back to the restaurant for some improved front-of-house treatment.

“Sometimes [people] have this idea that a restaurant like Le Cirque doesn’t need the kind of person who looks at blogs. We do need those people,” Maccioni said. “You pay attention and you try to polish your service.”

Any Australian chefs have their own opinions on the subject?

To read more, go here:

Restaurants vs. Bloggers


One response to this post.

  1. I think there are a couple of hothead bloggers who are out to make a name for themselves who have added extra spice to this issue. Of course, it doesn’t help that some celebrity chefs such as Mario Batali are going overboard with their distate for food blogging in general—there is a certain arrogance at work on both sides. Anyhow, I enjoyed your post & I’ll mention it in my food blog round-up that I post every Friday. Thanks!


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