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Gosstronomy Lives!


Apologies to you, faithful Gosstronomy reader (even if you’re just the random RSS sucker), for the long absence. Moving to Melbourne has been a tougher process than first imagined, and there’s still a wait for a proper internet connection at the home office. I’m using my Nokia for my internet connection right now, if you can believe it. I’m bracing myself for the data bill.

In the meantime, I thought I’d do a couple of mini-me reviews, just to get the juices flowing again. This fine (overly large – sorry I’m Photoshop-less at the moment as well) photo was taken from the roof deck at Soulmama, that vegetarian haven-by-the-beach at the south end of St Kilda. Soulmama is an institution, and what you get is a heaping of vego curries, salads and other goodies and then devour them with the bay as your backdrop. It’s essentially a cafeteria/buffet setup, but it’s done with a touch of panache, so you actually look forward to your meal on a tray. And that’s not too shabby for someone who’s an ominovorous maximus.