Pizza Economics – Di Fara’s Five-Dollar Media Frenzy


Wow, who knew that Di Fara – the famed pizzeria in boonies Brooklyn (you know, the non-hipster part) – could stir up so much media attention for something other than its delicious pies. Well, just a month after Gosstronomy’s visit there, Di Fara is now as famous for its prices as it is for its pizza masterpieces.


Forget health care, Iraq and the auto industry. News in the US economy seems to be hinging on the $1 increase in Dom DeMarco’s coveted slices. You’d hope folks would get turned off by the 25 percent increase, buy Domino’s instead and the lines would get shorter, but nup – so far, all the news reports are sending more pilgrims Di Fara’s way. Can’t people go to a Food Network star’s mod-something restaurant instead and leave the real-deal pizza places to, erm… me? Oh well, a boy can dream.

Here’s a taste of the five-dollar frenzy:

The Examiner: The Five Dollar Slice Comes to Brooklyn

NY Times: Straight Out of Brooklyn, the $5 Slice

NY Post: $teep-Dish Pizza

1010 WINS: Brooklyn’s Di Fara Pizza Sells Slices for $5

CBS News (Video): Pizza Costs Big Bucks, Brings Big Business


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