Restaurant Voicemail – The How-Not-To Guide

There was a little activity going on in the Twitterverse about Sydney restaurant Bistrode’s voicemail gone wrong (“Sydney restaurant voicemail message FAIL – 02 9380 7333” and “The award for the Sydney hatted restaurant with the most unfortunate voicemail message goes to Bistrode… 02 9380 7333”). I was curious enough to check it, so I called from New York (via Skype of course), and what I found was a brief message that’s so wrong, it’s pretty funny. I’m assuming chef Jeremy Strode thought that he’d just stuffed up and didn’t save the message, so he’s not going to be overly thrilled that it’s the current talk among social media foodie types. On the other hand, maybe the talented chef can start filling in for Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s Kitchen.

It’s probably not going to be live for long, so for posterity’s sake, you can download the message here:

Bistrode: What The?
(AIFF audio file hosted on Z-Share)


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