Three MasterChefs = one bloody great night!

It’s amazing how you start one thing, and more things grow out of. What started out as a simple idea of pairing good food with good music, then grew into a 100th Birthday gala for my favourite swing legend, Louis Prima, and soon evolved to include a fantastic Italian-American created by one of my favourite MasterChefs, Aaron Harvie. And the music – the music! – has surpassed all expectations, where we now have a three-time Aria Awards nominee like Frank Bennett taking the stage, along with the lovely jazz singer Sarah J Hyland, torch singer Pia Andersen (who’s other gig doing 1950s stylings makes Mad Men look slack) and the talented Simon Bartlett leading the Cocktail Cabinet swing band.

Really, I had much more basic ideas in mind.

So I can’t tell you how hard it is to not be overcome with excitement that we now have – count ’em – THREE MasterChef stars in our kitchen for the night: Thursday, 20 January if you’ve missed my persistent Twitter and Facebook plugs. As of today, Aaron confirm that he’s recruited fellow contestant Jonathan Daddia to work in the kitchen, joining the recent, equally exciting addition of Matt Caldicott to the fold.

MasterChef's Jonathan Daddia

“When the opportunity for this Italian-American dinner came up, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to not only cook the food I love, but also with people that I love cooking with,” Aaron told me today when I asked him to explain the significance of the move for a media alert. “I’m treating this like a MasterChef reunion. Through the show, we all became good friends, and I couldn’t imagine two better people to share the kitchen with.”

The brains behind the Italian-American menu, Aaron Harvie

Great food, great music, a great venue and – increasingly – a great audience. I really hope you’ll be there to enjoy the night, because it is really shaping up to be a special one. It’s only $28 for the music, and $90 (when you break it down, a reasonable $62 extra for three courses) for the dinner and show. Either way, it’s going to fab.

And just to get you in the mood, check out the video we put together on the event, at the top of this post, which builds upon the radio spots that Eastside Radio (89.7) will start airing later this week. It really captures the spirit of the night, as well as Prima’s cheeky personality. Hope to see you next week. For bookings, more details and a breakdown of the menu, click here to go to the Moshtix site.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Okay, I’m sitting here slumped (partly from being half-asleep…it’s the wee hrs) with a rather stormy expression. What in the world have I been doing?! Why is it I’ve only just come across this now; clearly missing out on what was obviously a dynamic gastronomic event (and by an ex-Masterchef contestant too!)?! I need to refine my food prowling skills. Anyhow, I hope to see photos at this event – sounds beyond amazing.


    • Hi Jenny. Sorry you didn’t catch the event – it was a cracker. Great food, great music. But hope to do some more food events later in the year, so hopefully we get you out to the next one.


  2. Such a shame I live in the UK! Sounds amazing. Hope it’s a great one


  3. sounds like a very cool event 🙂


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