Hot Tub (Time Machine?) at Hunky Dory

I reckon there hasn’t been enough “goss” on Gosstronomy of late, so let’s change that here and now. The flattie and I decided – after being late for yoga class and getting locked out – that we’d go have some pizza at the still-new Bruno’s on Oxford Street. It was a nice night for a walk from Surry Hills, but lo and behold, we got locked out again; Bruno’s isn’t open on Mondays.

So we turned around on Oxford Street to commence another trek to Pizza e Birra, when we were instantly faced with a hulking plastic contraption on the back of what is a funky Hunky Dory truck. Yes, two lads from the rooftop bar of the same name, and above Bruno’s, were working out the logistics for how they were going to get their newest acquisition – what I’ll deem a six-person hot tub – onto the roof without too much undue strain. In the meantime, I was working out the logistics of their hillbilly hipster look, all wide-brimmed hats, Portlandia-worthy piercings, pants confused as tights, and well-manicured scruffiness.

Whatever, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what this new bar jacuzzi (so far christened the ‘yakuzi’, but that name would be a crime…) has for the rooftop parties at the Hunky Dory Social Club. Will it have bubbles? Will there be a rubbery ducky with handlebar moustache? We’ll just have to wait and see what magic the Hunky plumber pipes in.

Hunky Dory Social Club, 215 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney, +61 2 9311 0442,


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  1. Posted by macarthursmutterings on April 19, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    I love this place, although I don’t think I make the grade on the to-cool-for-school meter that many of the patrons seem to excel on. Looking forward to seeing you in that hot tub….


  2. Those dudes are way too trendy for their own strides!


  3. Those pants seem…err…fitting. For men.


  4. Was almost expecting you to say that you helped them lift the thing upstairs!


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