MasterChefs & Gosstronomy – The Movie

It’s been a few months, but just wanted to share this excellent short film about the Louis Prima 100th Birthday dinner by video producer Darryl Thoms at Xorigin, who has been generous to lend his pro skills. We have a solid chat with MasterChef’s Aaron Harvie behind the scenes to talk about the dinner, and we also catch up with fellow MasterChef contestants Matt Caldicott and Jonathan Daddia. And, yes, there’s plenty of me blabbering away. And while we couldn’t fully capture the energy of the night, enjoy a listen of the music of our fantastic ensemble that night, including Sarah J Hyland, Simon Bartlett and his Cocktail Cabinet swing bang, Frank Bennett and Pia Andersen. Despite what looks like a lot of folks sitting around, ask anyone who was there, and they’ll tell you that the music on the night was absolutely electric.



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  1. Posted by Paul Steckler on May 16, 2011 at 8:17 am

    Have you seen the movie “Big Night”? It’s about a ficitional dinner celebration for Louis Prima. Wonderful movie.

    Here’s the IMDB entry:


    • Hi Paul,

      Yes, love Big Night – the dinner scene is one of the best food moments in movie history. In fact, the music that I used for the first time-lapsed film we did of the kitchen during the Louis Prima 100th is one of the Italian songs featured in the movie. Check it out here.


      • Posted by Paul Steckler on May 16, 2011 at 7:03 pm

        My favorite scene in Big Night is the morning-after in the kitchen, with the perfectly flipped frittata.

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