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Best Days to Post Food on Facebook


Here’s one for my fellow food bloggers, journalists and hospitality friends. LinchpinSEO’s newly released infographics provide some interesting insights into the days that specific industries gain their greatest levels of interaction on Facebook. As it turns out, the weekend makes up the wide majority of responses for the food and beverage set, so if you’re out surfing, drinking, gorging on fish and chips, rewatching Season One of Girls, or avoiding the laptop in favour of a good book, you’re missing out on the peak times to reach your gluttonous public.

The top-line data also shows that there are higher response rates for post made between 8pm-7am. Being based in Sydney, I’m not sure if that holds true, or maybe it’s a sign that Aussies are doing their part to add to Facebook stalking while their Northern Hemisphere contemporaries are asleep. Or maybe it means we’re all avoiding going to bed by Facebook-liking all of our friend’s eat/drink happy snaps.

It’s also interesting to see that people who post more than seven times a week (which would, ahem, include your humble author), show a 25 percent decrease in interaction rates. Mind you, that can still work out in your favour if you’re allowing opportunities for 50 interactions per week, rather than just seven.

So what do you think of the graph below? Is it a clear sign to shift more posting activity to the weekends, or have you seen conflicting date or found your own Facebook-engagement stats to show a different story? Your fellow Facemongers want to know.