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Gosstronomy featured on Urban Spoon NYC

It’s nice to see that all the hard work with Gosstronomy of late is starting to pay off. I woke up today to see a bunch of traffic coming from Urban Spoon. I checked out the referral links and pleasantly discovered that Gosstronomy is being featured with two other NY blogs on the home page of Urban Spoon’s New York website. Not bad for a blog that was, until two months ago, based in Australia! (Don’t worry, my Aussie friends, I’m coming back for an eating binge in October.)

We’re already on a roll this month by enjoying our highest traffic numbers to date – more than 100 visitors in a day. That may not be much to TMZ on a Michael Jackson binge, but I’m pretty excited about my own little expanding fishbowl. Thanks to everyone who’s been visiting the site and hope you’re enjoying the more gluttonous eating schedule.